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bypass heart surgery

Bypass Heart Surgery (Off Pump and Total Arterial)

Coronary bypass surgery redirects blood around a section of a blocked or partially blocked artery in your heart to improve blood flow to your heart muscle. The procedure involves taking a healthy blood vessel from your leg, arm or chest and connecting it beyond the blocked arteries in your heart. Bypass surgery eases symptoms of chest pain on walking and reduces risk of heart attack

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Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery

We use various techniques to limit size of cut or incision for minimally invasive heart surgeries. In general this approach leads to faster recovery, better cosmetic scar and lesser stay in hospital.

Valve Replacement/Repair Surgery

Heart is a pump made up of muscle tissue with 4 chambers, which are guarded by 4 valves (Tricuspid, Pulmonary, Mitral & Aortic valve). Due to infection or age related changes these valves might get damaged requiring heart surgery. We routinely perform such surgery and implant best available valves for long term symptom free survival

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Pediatric Heart Surgery

As a team we plan treatment with your child’s long-term health in mind. If a child needs heart surgery, we intervene early and aggressively to correct defects.

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Vascular Surgery

We also provide treatment for many vascular diseases like peripheral vascular diseases and abdominal aortic aneurysm.

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