What is minimally invasive cardiac heart surgery in Chandigarh? 

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March 10, 2021
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March 23, 2021

What is minimally invasive cardiac heart surgery in Chandigarh? 

What is minimally invasive cardiac heart surgery in Chandigarh

Minimally Invasive Cardiac Heart Surgery

In Minimal Invasive Heart Surgery, the surgeon doesn’t cut the breastbone (sternum) rather he operates between ribs by using special instruments. Complete heart surgery is performed through 5 cm incision from the side of chest. No scar is seen in front of the chest.

India has already become the world capital of heart diseases due to our lifestyle changes and genetic makeup. Age related changes and infection, damage heart valves which need surgical repair or replacement in a lot of cases. Cardiac surgery is also required for small children having birth defects in the heart like Atrial septal defect (ASD), Ventricular septal defect or Tetralogy of Fallot (blue baby) etc.

In a recent study it is estimated that heart diseases will cause 40% of all deaths in India by 2022, so demand for cardiac surgery will reach all time high.

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Over many decades cardiac surgery is done through larger midline incisions by cutting breast bone (sternum). Although the exposure and ease of surgery was excellent with this approach but with advancements in technology and instruments now it’s the time for EVOLUTION.

minimal invasive cardiac surgery

Why are people switching for minimally invasive heart surgeries?

Minimally invasive heart surgery has been proven to have outcomes similar to the conventional open heart surgery and at the same time many advantages can be achieved with this approach.

Due to smaller incision and less blood loss, patients recover faster and return to their work earlier. They generally spend less than 24hrs in the ICU recovery area, they are mobilized faster and so can be discharged earlier from the hospital. Just within 2-3 weeks these patients can start driving and can even lift mild- moderate weights.

A specially designed surgery for a healthy and normal life

Minimally invasive cardiac surgery (MICS) is especially useful for active people who want to join back work early. In younger patients, we achieve the advantage of no scar in front with this technique. 

For unmarried patients it can avoid a lot of social stigma of front midline scar. 

Other than cosmetic advantages, pain and blood loss is less with this technique. 

minimal invasive cardiac surgery photo3


This type of surgery is extremely helpful in the long run to help the people provide for the fact that the small blockages could be prevented to the maximum possible extent. At the same time a further attempt is made to ensure that all the hearts which are expecting a mild blocking and at the same time, are making an attempt to solve the heart problems do not require to undergo an open heart surgery or an operation in order to cure themselves. In such a situation there is a further need to ensure that the people are able to manage the things exceptionally well and hence at the same time it is expected to provide that the best needs could be fulfilled.

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MICS technique can be used to treat disease like hole in heart (ASD), valve disease and blockages in heart without cutting sternum bone. 

This technique is safe in expert hands and leads to faster recovery with good quality of life to patients.

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